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Product Profile Submission Charges

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Industrialproduct.in is a product catalogue website with a business promotion module for promoting products and to generate business for subscribers. Various subscribers of industrialproduct.in are manufacturers, traders, exporters, retailers of Industrial Products.

Features Availed with each paid plan
IP001 : Detail product profile Listing with One Product Images, Company Logo Banner
IP002 : Features of IP001 with Gallery of products image with zoom image feature and slide show listed on the each product profile ( 5 Images per product)
IP003   Features of IP001 & IP002 with Online Contact us form Listed on each products Profile page, with Company profile attachments
IP004 : Features of IP001,IP002 & IP003 with leased website (free) on an independent domain name, two free press review article on our online industrial news website industrialnews.in 
IP005: All features of IP001, IP002,IP003,IP004. Free business profile listing on Locatorbiz.com. Independent contact us page integrated with each product profile page that is mapped with the pre defined email id provided by the subscriber.


Rates of various plans for listing products profile on industrial product

Sno Plan Products Listing Rates (Annual) Discount
01 IP001 1 Product Rs 3,000 NA
02 IP002 5 Products Rs 12500 Rs 3,500
03 IP003 10 Products Rs 20000 Rs 4,000
04 IP004 20 Products Rs 30000 Rs 5,000


Above Product Listing Rates are valid till 31-MAR-2015 rates will be revised on 01-APR-2015


Discounts are valid till  01-JAN-2015.

Leased Website : leased website are independent website which are hosted on an independent domains name. These website are also promotion through link back  from our various websites ( locatorbiz.com, industrialnews.in ). Leased website are also SEO optimized to generated extra organic traffic to generate leads and establish web branding. Leased website vary from 20 to 40 pages depending on the number of products. No extra development cost for leased website, which is provided free with the subscription plan (IP004,IP005). 

SEO Optimized Profile : Rs 3000 extra per profile.

SEO OPTIMIZED PRODUCT PROFILE Profiles will be listed on google in top 20 for product specific search key phrase.

Advantages Of Listing A Detail Product Profile

  • More exposure on web
  • Business listing in various search engines.
  • Organic customer leads/ Product inquiry.

Some Feature Summary

  • Website is provided with high end intra-site basics and advance search.
  • Online Newsletter signup 
  • Detail Product Profile page which can be also hot linked with related products
  • All detail Product Profiles are generated with the search engine keywords (provided by the clients)
  • Individual product gallery generated for each product
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