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Industrial assembly Repair Services

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We are one of the leading manufacturer and re-claimers of sophisticated spares and components of HEMM, locomotive, Turbine assembly, Pumps, Compressors, Gear Boxes, D. G. Sets, process plant and machinery.

We are in this field since over 4 decades and established a good credit in the field with proven and cost effective methods of engineering practice.
We are pioneer in developing and using number of the state of the Art technologies and processes like metal sintering at cryogenic temperature (Sub Zero Degree Centigrade) for restoration of Dimensions to provide and special surface properties using State of the Art Arconomic® system. In this system the designing of repair is done with a systematic and scientific approach. The wear compensation is done by Arconomic® sintering on worn out area/Journal / Seat at Cryogenic temperature with uniform hardness and high surface finish. This type of rebuilding rules out physical distortion and metallurgical changes generally associated with conventional rebuilding process. It maintains designed strength of components
Another process developed is Vibroshield® weld. It is a process of metal addition for compensation of wear or loss of dimension of a forged component having definite grain alignment and flow pattern.

The metal addition process should not only retain original grain pattern but also have following property.

  • Fusion to have good bond strength
  • No inductance of stresses
  • No physical distortion of the Job
  • No change in grain flow pattern and grain alignment.
  • Maintain design strength of the component for application.

The Vibro Shields Weld® Technology is developed with dedicated efforts of long R & D proving itself a superior technology to salvage forged component subjected to moderate to high pressure and service shocks.

In this technology the component is subject to a sinusoidal wave front of sub resonance frequency from three different axis and the metal addition is done by specialized method to obtain same grain flow pattern as of original thereby maintaining designed strength of the component. The stresses are immediately relieved as each and individual grain has energy to regain its defined position.

This is mainly developed as a substituted for post weld heat treatment to remove the residual stress and distortion, but it gives improved quality in the weld especially in the multiple pass welding by implementing certain modifications.

With a proven track record of over four decades we are serving large companies in Chemicals, Railways, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cement, Power, Mining, Steel, Sugar and other sectors and have number of repeat orders for sophisticated repairs, design and development, Import substitution to our credit which are best evidence of quality & services provided by us. The jobs are carried out by well trained, qualified and experienced team of engineers and job done is backed with suitable guarantee of performance.

The parts reclaimed are like

Crankshaft, Turbine Rotor, Large Piston, Cylinders, High Speed Spindle, Plungers, Engine Block, Shaft, Valves, Bearings Rebabbiting, White Metal Lining, Connecting Rod, Piston Rod, Housings / Casings, Antifriction Bearings, Pinion, Screw / Lobe, Rotor / Armature, Coupling, Gears, Rolls, Geared Shaft etc.


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