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Crank Shaft Repairing & Rebuilding Services India

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Crankshaft Repairing and crankshaft rebuilding serviceCrankshaft Repairing and crankshaft rebuilding service

We provide crankshaft repairing and rebuilding service for Locomotive crankshaft, Pump crankshaft, Compressor crankshaft ,D.G. Engine crankshaft, HEMM, etc. All crankshaft rebuilding and repairing job work are performed with high skill precision and backed by performance guarantee post crankshaft repair on crankshafts repaired by us.

Crank Shaft Repairing and rebuilding worn out crankshaft at our crankshaft repair service station workshop. Crankshaft rebuilding of crankshaft which are undersize, seized main journal, crank pin to standard or required size by ARCONOMIC® SUPERSONIC VELOCITY CRYOGENIC (-)20ºC SINTERING followed by grinding and super finishing.This type of metal addition does not induces any heat in the crankshaft, does not contribute to any physical distortion or stress addition in the crankshaft thereby maintaining original strength of the crankshaft

1. Run out / bend correction while repairing crankshaft for free floating without applying any heat or pressure.
2. Crack arrestation / removal at vulnerable area of the crankshaf and repair of web, fillet radii, oil galleries, thrust area, seal, keyway, etc.
3. Non destructive testing like UT, MPT to ensure fatigue life and detect surface & subsurface abnormality after post cranshaft repairing.
4. Supply of main and Crankpin Journal bush bearings in crankshaft
5. Vibration Stress Relieving to relive residual stress induced during accident, seizure or service shocks, ensures dimensional stability and prevent premature failure.
6. Failure analysis of Crankshaft and engine assembly.

7. Crankshaft rebuilding with state of the Art “Arconomic®” System extending life span at a fraction of the cost of replacement unit with life as good as new unit.

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