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Ladder Cable Trays Manufacturers

For all your need of cable trays for electric wiring system, we can be you leading ladder cable tray suppliers suppliers as we are the ... Read details

Perforated Cable Trays Manufacturers

An ISO certified company, market leader as manufacturer of various type of cable trays like perforated cable trays, ladder type cable trays that are available in wide range of specifications. ... Read details

copper flexibles manufacturers india

One of the leading copper flexibles manufacturers in india with a product catalog for copper flexible like Braided Sleeves, Braided Cables, jumpers, copper connectos and ... Read details

Projector Lamps & Bulbs

Dealers and suppliers of Projector Lamps / Projector bulb that are manufactured by various leading manufactures and we have a huge inventory of project lamps / projectors for various types of projectors ... Read details

copper braid assemblies

We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of copper braid assemblies. our high end production facility manufactures various types of copper braids likes ... Read details

Copper Busbars Manufacturers

Leading Copper busbars manufacturers in India that are widely used as in applications involving low voltage distribution, high current & control equipment. It feeds to the heavy electrical uses in various commercial & industrial buildings as plating cells and feeder systems. We are a manufacturer of high quality copper busbars & profiles, that serve various purposes in diversified fields including power distribution. ... Read details

copper flexible connectors

Leading Copper Flexible connector manufacturer in India, copper flexible connectors are manufactured by using a high conductivity based electrolytic grade copper sheets/foils. The flexible copper connectors are manufactured by use these sheets and foils that are pressed welding procedure where individual copper strips are fused through applying direct current as well as pressure without need of foreign material. ... Read details

Power Transformer Manufacturers

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, offering vast range of Power Transformers & Rectifier Equipments.We have a status, as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of power transformers, with thousands of satisfied clients globally . ... Read details

Electrical Circuit Breaker Manufacturers

We are manufacturer of Electrical Circuit Breaker switches that can be operated manually as well as automatically for controlling and protection of electrical power system ... Read details

Power Contactors Manufacturer

We are manufacturer in india involved in manufacturing of wide range of power contactors which comply to various international standards. The power compactors are suitable ... Read details

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Featured Company

DeeTee Industries Ltd.

DeeTee Industries is pioneer in indigenous manufacture of international quality industrial tools. Vast experience of over 3 decades and with a client base in more than 50 countries.provides industrial cutting tools solutions and high precision rolls for rolling mills. The company has fast grown into an industrial group of high repute encompassing five diversified associated companies within its corporate circumference