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Copper Busbars Manufacturers

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Copper Busbars Manufacturers

Leading Copper busbars manufacturers in India that are widely used as in applications involving low voltage distribution, high current & control equipment. It feeds to the heavy electrical uses in various commercial & industrial buildings as plating cells and feeder systems. We are a manufacturer of high quality copper busbars & profiles, that serve various purposes in diversified fields including power distribution.

We are an organization and market leaders for copper busbar manufacturers in India, copper busbars that are made from copper are preferred over aluminum busbars due to various advantage of copper over aluminum, copper busbars have better electrical conductivity that makes it more preferential as copper busbars over aluminum busbars for it wide range of application in industries and control equipments. copper busbars offers greater electrical conductivity which enable installers to use smaller bus bars if they are made of copper.

Benefits of Copper Bus Bars

Following is some of the benefits of copper bus bars that are manufactured by us and is widely accepted for diversified relevant applications

  • copper bus bars are more economical
  • copper bus bars are more reliable as compared to busbars made of aluminum
  • Copper Bus bars have higher capacitance value
  • Copper Bus bars induces low inductance
  • Copper Bus bars has a lower impedance
  • Copper Bus bars more compact
  • Copper Bus bars increases thermal Characteristics
  • and many more......

owing to the above benfits of copper bus bars manufactured by us have attained high aceeptance and we are also an exporter of copper bus bars to various countries.

    Copper busbars manufacturer for following types of bus bars

    1. Copper Busbars
    2. Copper Twisted Busbars
    3. Copper Sleeved Busbars
    4. Copper 3 axis bends

      We are copper busbars manufacturer in india and manufacture busbars in various sizes and specification, we are also copper busbar suppliers to various power distribution units. we also manufacture copper busbars for custom specification and sizes as per the need of out global clients

      The applications of bus bars & profiles include low and medium voltage switchgear, bus-way systems, panel boards, switchboards and many others.

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