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Cooling Tower Manufacturers In India

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Our Cooling Towers can be used for applications in Steel, Sugar, Dairy, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Edible Oil, Power, Chemical, Plastic and other Industries that use Boilers & Furnaces. It is also used in Commercial buildings, Malls & Multiplexes.

Looking at the current situation of water scarcity and ever-increasing electricity bills, our cooling tower provides a cost effective and energy saving solution. 
With special focus on customer-centric solutions and efficient after sales service, today, Armec stands as the first choice of its customers.

We provide modern cooling tower solution that are modern, maintenance free, reliable power saver cooling Tower for following applications

1)     Milk Evaporators,
2)     Process Cooling,
3)     Chilling Plants,
4)     Cold Storage applications.

If one uses 1500 ton capacity of Cooling Tower manufactured by us, rather than equivalent RCC fan tower, in 10 years of usage of our cooling Tower will earn /save 5, 06, 56,180 (Five Crore, Six Lacs, Fifty Six Thousand, One Hundred Eighty Only) or 3, 77, 77,414 (Three Crore, Seventy Seven Lacs, Seventy Seven Thousand, Four Hundred And Fourteen Only) when compared to a Wooden Fan Tower.

We also have a Spares division that caters to all types of spares’ requirement for all type of Cooling Towers.

Our Cooling towers are featured with

Easy Installation : Complete fabrication and erection of the cooling tower is done at our premises and each parts are labelled. This enables an easy installation process of cooling tower at the premises of the clients.

Multiple application in single tower : Every water distribution header can be treated as independent cooling tower.

Power Saver : Absence of fans makes it more efficient power saving cooling towers

Water Saver : Louvers are specially designed to minimize drift losses

Constant Efficiency : Efficieny of cooling towers remains constant with continuous usage as water to air contact area and contact time remains unaffected.

Easy Maintenance : Our cooling tower does not use any moving parts or devices enabling it for smooth operation and since no choking is observed its maintenance free.

Some Industrial Application Of Cooling Towers Manufactured by Us :

  • Chemical Plants
  • Power plants
  • Various Utilities
  • Various Mechanical & Electrical Application

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