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trichoderma viride manufacturers

Trichoderma viride is a widely used antagonistic fungus that prevents crops from various diseases like rotting of roots,damping off, Charcoal rot and other soil born diseases which are very commonly noticed by crops cultivators. Trichoderma viride is most suitable for crops various agriculture, horticulture crops and flowers crops for a healthy growth and high yield ... Read details

Magnesium Sulphate Manufacturers in india

The manganese sulphate fertilizers can serve as a type of micro element fertilizer. Manganese participates in photosynthesis and activates the enzyme system. Lack of manganese will cause chlorophyll shortage.While serving as a magnesium fertilizer, Magnesium sulphate fertilizers can prevent and cure the magnesium deficiency in soil. ... Read details

EDTA Chelated Zinc fertilizer

We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chelated Zinc Fertilizers in Inda. Chelated Zinc is a free flowing crystalline/ powder. Our Chelated Zinc is used in number of applications and is highly appreciated in many chemical fertilizer industries. ... Read details

Black Phenyl Manufacturers In India

The function of Black Phenyl as a disinfectant is very useful for resistance against germs and bacteria. Black Phenyl helps in keeping floors clean and driving illnesses away.Black phenyl always create an hygiene environment in public places, hospitals, public toilets, etc. ... Read details

Pet Bottle flakes manufacturers

Located in central India we are manufacturer supplier and exporter for PET bottle flakes. We manufacture various types of PET flakes in various colors like white, green pet flakes , etc. our latest machinery and infrastructures enables us to be a leading PET flakes manufacturer in India and pet flakes prices which are most competitive with our competitors. ... Read details

PET bottle scrap buyers

We are importers of Pet bottle scraps in India. The pet bottle scrap is used by us to manufacture pet bottle flakes. ... Read details

isopropyl alcohol manufacturers in india

Leading manufacturer for isopropyl alcohol in India, we have been supplying industrial isopropyl alcohol to various industries globally. ... Read details

Ethyl Acetate manufacturers

We are a professionally managed organization with over decades of existence and is actively engaged in the manufacturing and trading of Organic Chemicals. We are ... Read details

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Featured Company

Jash Engineering Ltd.

An ISO 9000 : 2008 Company With over 5 decades of experience, JASH is an industry leader with the largest market share within India for most of the water control system products and equipments used by waste water management industries are manufactured by Jash. It Offers a single stop solution to its clients by offering the most varied range water control gates and valves used for water control system. Some of the products manufactured by Jash which are used in water and waste water management system are Penstocks / Sluice gates, Open channel gates, Weir gates, Flap gates, Stop logs, Knife gate valves, Step screens, Drum screens, Raking screens, Static screens and Butterfly valves.